Studying abroad

How to determine your level of professional English?

In contexts of globalization and commercial exchanges, English is prescribed as the international language of reference in a professional situation. From the manager to the worker and the human resources manager, all professions are now confronted with the use of…

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How to build your independence while studying abroad?

Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to learn to surpass yourself, to know your limits and also to get the best out of yourself. To this end, studying abroad is one of the most rewarding…

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What are the best countries for studying abroad?

For some years now, studying in a foreign country has become an obvious choice. For students, international mobility is a great opportunity to discover a new culture, to meet new people, to learn a language, to get out of their…

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Why does studying abroad facilitates the process of getting a job?

After a few years in high school, it’s time to move to a completely different environment, to university. However, at this point, it is quite possible to study in another country. Indeed, many people do this for many reasons. In…

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Studying abroad enables you to harness your personal skills

Today, many young people dream of studying abroad because of the many advantages it represents on several levels. Indeed, in addition to learning a new language, you will also have the opportunity to make a cultural and human discovery. If…

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Why is the TOEFL exam particularly valued by Anglo-Saxon universities?

Anglo-Saxon and American universities require, for their admissions, sufficient level of English that enables the applicants to follow the courses. TOEFL, recognized worldwide,                 provides test takers with reliable scores that will serve…

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