Why is the TOEFL exam particularly valued by Anglo-Saxon universities?

Anglo-Saxon and American universities require, for their admissions, sufficient level of English that enables the applicants to follow the courses. TOEFL, recognized worldwide,                 provides test takers with reliable scores that will serve their application well.

What is TOEFL?

It is a certification of knowledge and ability in the English language for non-native speakers and those outside the English-speaking world. This certification is required for any application to study in universities in countries that speak English: United States, Canada, United Kingdom... Although the certificate is for academic purposes, it can be attached to an application for employment to give you an advantage. To receive the certificate, you must take a test or sit for your TOEFL iBT with GlobalExam.

What are the TOEFL tests like?

The test lasts 3 hours on a computer in a secure and approved center. The test covers 4 subjects related to English:
  • Read a passage
  • Listen to a recording
  • Type your written answer
These 4 questions: reading, listening, speaking, and writing are scored from 0 to 30 with a total of 120. Scores are available after 8 days and are valid for 2 years. If your score is insufficient, you can retake the test as many times as you like. The required scores are set by the universities, not by TOEFL. A fair score from TOEFL will accurately reflect your abilities. The TOEFL test is of remarkable importance and has intrinsic value. If you pass your test, it is a proof that you are ready to succeed with all the assets. It sets you apart from other applicants given the high standard of the test and makes you stand out in the crowd of students. Moreover, your academic English skills will be undeniable since the test assesses them all. Your mastery of the language will always serve you well, as it presages a good integration and easy communication with the native groups. It is up to you to take advantage of your knowledge of English.

What are the natural advantages of taking the TOEFL?

The advantage is no doubt a big one as this test sets the doors of 11, 500 universities in 150 countries wide open to you all over the world. The objective has been reached, but the Anglo-Saxon preference for the TOEFL is also explained: a high-level test for candidates ready for success. The test is considered by these same universities to be a prime criterion for success. For your information, the TOEFL test looks good and adds value in a CV. It can also positively influence a migration application.

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