What are the best countries for studying abroad?

For some years now, studying in a foreign country has become an obvious choice. For students, international mobility is a great opportunity to discover a new culture, to meet new people, to learn a language, to get out of their comfort zone... However, choosing a destination is not an easy thing. To help you do that, follow these tips.

Europe at the top of the list

Not surprisingly, Europe is in the spotlight. In addition to being one of the best destinations, this continent has prestigious universities. Many popular foreign study countries are located there. In addition to the low cost of education in some states, there is also the cultural richness of its cities. There are many scholarship opportunities for female students. Study programs in European institutions for higher education are available in several languages. Because of the affordable cost of living, Germany is one of the most popular educational destinations. Students from all over the world choose it for its exceptional beauty. In Italy, students can study online, distance learning, or in a classroom setting. Apart from being affordable, this country is home to top universities like Bologna. A suitable curriculum in various fields is offered here. Very romantic, it is the perfect place to meet your soul mate. There are also other countries like France, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, etc.

Some interesting international cities

The attractiveness of the cities that are the most advantageous for foreign students is ranked based on the cultural contribution of the experience, the quality of education and the cost of living in a country. Some of the cities which are considered to be the most attractive are London, Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne, Munich and Berlin. Since 2019, it has been noticed that some Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan are starting to compete with these countries stated as the best students’ destination in the international scene.

What about other countries?

The United States is home to the best universities in the world. The country has been flourishing for decades and has many institutions offering quality studies. The cultural life it offers is also very interesting. However, the cost of tuition and the budget for living could be a brake. Canada is another American giant, welcoming over 300,000 foreign students, mostly studying in  French. This country is bilingual, but a proof of language level or a TOEFL could be required by some institutions. Compared to the United States, Canadian studies are less expensive. Australia is one of the most popular countries for students, offering great flexibility in terms of training where the demand is very high.

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