Why can YouTube be a good educational tool ?

Many people use YouTube recreationally, but now many use it to learn. They think watching YouTube videos can facilitate their learning and make it easy to understand something well.

YouTube: a great tool for learning

YouTube is a video hosting platform where users can upload, rate, comment, watch and share videos. There are many tutorials on YouTube to gain new knowledge. Whether it's related to using apps, programming robots or knitting, you can find several tutorials to guide you through your learning process. More and more professionals and experts are uploading educational content and videos on YouTube that teachers can also use without paying royalties. Therefore, you can broadcast these tutorials in class or use this educational content as teachers to learn and develop your own skills and knowledge and eventually better support students. Therefore, we can deduce that YouTube is an excellent tool to establish and tame some projects in the classroom.

Why is YouTube a good educational tool?

Using educational resources on YouTube to bring the real world into the classroom is a better way to improve students' understanding and memory of information. Short videos can link academic activities to real-life experiences by making abstract content more concrete. YouTube can also provide additional information about school lessons. Teachers can provide new knowledge through sharing links to engaging content or encouraging students to share these resources with others. Students can also use YouTube to support independent learning. Being able to manage learning without being continually directed by others is a necessary skill that students should develop during their studies.

How to make an educational video?

Making short educational videos used to be reserved for audiovisual professionals. Today, with a touch tablet or a computer, anyone can do it. Of course, you can find instructional videos that have been made on YouTube. But nothing can replace the teacher's personal creation, because it can meet the objectives while considering the level of the class. Teachers can use their webcam to record themselves on the computer. Still images or videos should be prepared well in advance to avoid wasting time in editing. A 5-minute video may seem short, but it is sufficient. High school and middle school students will find it difficult to watch them beyond that.

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