How do I develop language skills?

Language skills are fundamental, both in the business world and in everyday life, whether it is our mother tongue or a foreign language. Knowing how to understand and assert oneself adequately is the basis of any exchange, any relationship and any communication.

What is language competence?

A language skill indicates the ability to express oneself in a given language and to integrate that language, whether written or spoken through play, conversation, watching a movie or listening to a song. The GlobalExam provides you with more information about language competence.

How can I improve my language skills?

To practice any given language and learn it well, it is important that it is fun, that you enjoy it and that you can reap the rewards regularly, by feeling you’re making progress. For example, you can regularly read books or newspapers in a foreign language to get used to the vocabulary and look at the linearity of unknown or complicated words. You can practice by listening to podcasts or broadcasts, watching TV or radio, or watching screenings to get used to the music of the language and understand the accent and words. You can speak the chosen language every day to get used to it, with friends or family or even alone. And you can take a language course with a teacher, a trainer, on an e-learning platform or an app. This has the advantage of making you progress efficiently and quickly. Plug-in methods consist of conquering a language level, learning a language by achieving small goals step by step. Almost without paying attention, there are only advantages!

How to show a language level on the CV?

The submission of a CV differs from one country to another. For some countries, they do not require any proof that the applicant passed a  particular language test. While for others, it is essential to include a document showing the level of proficiency of the candidate in the foreign language whether it is the level of oral expression or the level of oral and written comprehension. Hence the importance of getting a language certificate to show the candidate’s ability to express him or herself and understand an interlocutor in a foreign language. This certificate documents the level and the language skills of anyone seeking employment.

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