What is a CPQ? For whom is it intended?

Some occupations generally require a pool of skills that can be acquired through a number of training courses. Access to jobs requiring numerous qualifications is quickly accessible for young graduates, but professionals can also acquire the same level of qualification by obtaining a certificate. In particular, the Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ) allows people to obtain new skills by training in  a specific profession.

The objectives of the CPQ

The Certificate of Professional Qualification is a document attesting to an individual's abilities within a particular sector of work, and it can be obtained by completing training for a particular job. Indeed, the CPQ corresponds to a recognition of experience and its objective is to meet the recruitment needs of qualified employees of companies. Its preparation is therefore carried out as part of a vocational training course or during the worker's career, and this certificate is available in a multitude of diversified professional branches. There are no specific regulations for CPQs, and to create a certificate, the only requirement is to have a project validated by a National Joint Commission for Employment and Training. Recognition of know-how is therefore a quick alternative for working people wishing to maintain their activity while broadening their field of competence.

For whom is the CPQ intended?

The CPQ is a solution open to all, but it is mainly used by job seekers or young people following an initial training and wishing to complete it. Moreover, the latter have the opportunity to obtain the CPQ with professionalization contracts. Employees are also able to apply for the certificate, and can also benefit from assistance from their employer through a skills development plan. In addition, some CPQ belonging to the pharmaceutical industry are directly accessible by following a continuous training or by validating the acquired experience.

Preparing for a CPQ

The awarding of a CPQ by a professional branch is carried out by calling on a qualified external examiner to make an assessment of the skills and know-how of the person concerned in relation to the trade reference framework of the CPQ sought. If the candidate is eligible, he/she will undertake a validation of the acquisition of experience (VAE), otherwise he/she will be able to benefit from a training program. The choice of the training organization is essential, as it must be accredited in order to allow the professional acquire the skills indicated in the reference framework. At the end of the training, the person's file must be validated by a specialist jury of the branch to obtain the CPQ. In the event of a refusal or partial validation, the person still retains the units of competence acquired and may resubmit a new application for a certificate.

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