What are the specialized sites for student job offers?

Are you currently a student looking for a part-time or even full-time business to pay for your education? The good news is that there are many specialized platforms for business relationships and students! To help you out, this article offers a compilation of the best job sites for students. Here are some ideas!

List of student job search sites

There are many articles on student work legislation, as well as a complete list of Belgian organizations that offer online student work on an ongoing or regular basis: studentatwork.be! These websites list almost all job offers for students: student.be; ijbxl.be; forumjobs.be; studentjob.be and needbe.be. If you want to work as a playground or sports camp counsellor, many organizations regularly target students during the school holidays: vacancesplus.be; clubmedjobs.be; roeland.be; actionsport.be; kiddyclasses.net; cemome.be; tobogganasbl.be; lespetitsdebrouillards.be; maegeek.com and jsb.be! You can also contact the municipality directly, which arranges playgrounds for children every summer.

Work in HORECA or events

HORECA is a department that recruits many students! This is the case for cabarets and hotels, as well as the big fast-food chains. For example: Exki, Lunch Garden, McDonald's, Pizza Hut... Delivery companies such as UberEat, TakeAway, or Deliveroo also regularly attract students. Would you like to be a receptionist or promoter in the summer? Many hospitality companies and hostesses specializing in events are constantly hiring young people to work during trade shows, parties or showcases. It is about welcoming the public, contributing to new product proposals, sharing flyers, managing the cloakrooms...

Amusement park work or part-time employment

The theme park also recruits many seasonal workers. The jobs offered are often very diverse, such as shopkeeper, waiter, mascot, recruiter and attraction organizer. Language skills, especially English and Dutch are the strong points of this type of work! Several websites in the field of private services give issues for students to earn some money through small activities. Such as domestic work, gardening, helping dependents and pet care. For example: care.com; listminut.com for DIY, cleaning, IT, parenting/animal care, etc.; superprof.be: private lessons; apprentus.be and quefaire.be!

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